The immediate benefits of RevOps are felt within the marketing, sales, and service teams. Ancillary benefits are felt throughout the organization - specifically in finance, IT, HR, and executive management roles.


A RevOps program helps to paint a clear picture of the target customer with a clearly defined roadmap of how that customer interacts with the organization, from the first encounter to the point of becoming a customer, and eventually becoming an advocate/ evangelist. Along with developing a clear map of the buyer's journey, the RevOps framework requires documentation of what each stage of the customer lifecycle looks like allowing for accurate segmentation based on lifecycle stage and buyer persona.  

When these two elements are clearly defined and tracked, marketers can take a surgical approach to messaging and create campaigns that shorten sales cycles, encourage upsells, and promote customer satisfaction. Development of KPI’s that take into account how these activities promote revenue growth, Marketers benefit from straightforward reporting on how their activities contribute to revenue growth.

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Whether a sales organization is bootstrapping and just beginning to define a proven-process, or if a sales team has a global reach with dedicated SDR support, a RevOps program delivers the opportunity for a more robust pipeline, better quality leads, higher deal values, and better win rates. When paired with optimizing a CRM platform such as SalesForce, sales reps and account executives benefit from deeper insights into their target customer, a reduction in time wasted from chasing poor leads, resulting in an overall increase in productivity and ability to accurately forecast business and hit quota. Sales reps and management also benefit from accurate, timely reports giving a 360 view on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly performance metrics.

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Improving visibility into your customer base will help improve customer interactions when fielding recurring revenue. By being able to identify which customers would qualify as good fits before they even enter the customer lifecycle stage, Customer Servuce teams can adequately queue up upsells and next sells. By gaining that level of added visibility, CS teams can serve as a part of a feedback loop that supports marketing and drives sales.