Since 2013, leading innovators in rapidly evolving industries such as Software as a Service (SaaS) have utilized the Revenue Operations framework as a means to rapidly accelerate their growth. In recent years, the rise of Growth Hacking has given credence to the methodology of Revenue Operations, but has (de)volved into a buzzword that can be used to describe any digital sales and marketing tactic that traditionally promotes growth.

We reject the notion of Growth Hacking.

We believe growth is earned through thoughtful design, experimentation, and use of data.

Our approach is surgical, based on years of experience, experimentation, and execution.

We are Revenue Operators.

Our Mission

We will tap into unrealized revenue through:

  • Discovering efficiencies in Sales, Marketing, and Service Operations
  • Leveraging emergent technology to support these changes
  • Thoughtful design of a Revenue Operations framework oriented toward improving new customer experience and accelerating growth
  • Creating empowerment for decision makers and stakeholders to take ownership of their revenue model.


Alignment requires agreement on metrics, credibility and trust between teams, defined ownership of the tech stack, and change management.
— Funnelcake

How we succeed

  • Taking a scientific approach to problem solving through development of hypotheses and conducting research
  • Creating alignment and breaking down barriers between sales, marketing, and service teams to better serve the target market
  • Establishing focus by reverse engineering goals and desired outcomes
  • Determining which KPI's are necessary to track and differentiating between operational and vanity metrics
  • Creating a Single Source of Truth
  • Deploying the appropriate software stack necessary to facilitate and monitor growth
  • Training stakeholders to adopt the Revenue Operations framework
  • Building a robust feedback mechanism to ensure growth is ongoing