Marketing and Revenue Operations

Generally speaking, every revenue operations initiative is going to need to run on the shoulders of the marketing team.  They are the primary engine for gauging market feedback and serving as a communication conduit to the organization. They are responsible for the development of iterative campaigns combining SEO, email marketing, viral media, and web copy, all of which should lend a hand in taking a growth plan to the goal line. Furthermore, all of the aforementioned tactics can be monitored A/B tested using martech and analytics software such as HubSpot, Pardot, Eloqua, Google Analytics, Bizible, or any combination therein. The end goal of the Marketing team should be to continually fine tune, while keeping a watchful eye on success trends and identifying/ correcting failures quickly.

Lastly, it’s incumbent upon the marketing team to be continually on the watch for the emergence of new channels to get the product/service to a wide audience of potential customers, and making it their prerogative to get there first.