RevOps teams come in different shapes and sizes.

By nature, any RevOps team deployed by an organization needs to be catered to the industry and business that rolls out the team. Prior to roll out, a business should evaluate the usefulness of a RevOps program, and in most cases, would benefit from a 3rd party or consultant to evaluate areas where attention should be paid. The reality is that most businesses have a blind spot or two when it comes to identifying areas where gaps may occur.

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By evaluating your tech stack, you should get a good first impression of where change management needs to occur. Today, most B2B SaaS companies have on average ~30 tools in their sales and marketing tech stack. By identifying which tools are essential to productivity and who “owns” said tool, we can begin to evaluate where these potential gaps exist.

A common example is with a business that uses marketing automation (such as HubSpot, Pardot, Marketo or Eloqua) in tandem with a CRM (such as SalesForce or Zoho). In most organizations, the marketing team would be responsible for managing marketing automation, the sales team responsible for the CRM. While these two platforms may likely be linked, it’s entirely likely that there are lapses in data utilization that can lead to muddied processes, uninformed decision making, or strategic oversights.